My Premier credit card How TO Login | Pay Your Bills

My Premier Credit Card or is the official online service site for the cardholders of Premier credit cards. Premier credit cards are issued by First Premier Bank, one of the top 20 issuers of VISA and MasterCard credit cards in the US established in 1989. It is also headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The company received four Performance Excellence Award from MasterCard for being able to serve millions of customers nationwide with excellence and quality.

 credit cardThe First Premier Bank offers different products and services and one is the My Premier Credit Card. This credit card has been known to be very helpful to those who want to improve their bad credit score and its ease of use being a MasterCard credit card.

How to Login

With the help of My Premier Credit Card, you can already keep track and manage your account with just the tip of your fingers. Click here to log in to your account ( Enter your username on the box and click on the Continue button below. You will be asked for another security question before you can enter your password. Make sure to provide every required detail correctly so you will be directed to your registered account. 

registered account

There is also a Forgot your username option below the box where you have to enter your username. This is the option to click on if in any case that you can no longer remember the username you pick during the registration. You only need to provide the credit card number, the expiration date, the CVV code and your email address to which the company will send you your username. After providing all the information click on Request User Name button below.Name button

Pay your bills

There are a handful of method for you to pay your My Premier credit card bills. The company made sure you have all the options so you will avoid late payment.

  1. Premier Credit Card Remote Payment Presentment Service

Check if this feature is available in your local bank. If it is:

  • Log into your bill payment service provider
  • Use these information to add a biller: First Premier Bank, PO BOX 5529, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5529
  • Enter your credit card number in the Account Number section
  1. Pay your Premier Credit Card Bill through Bank Wire

First Premier Bank’s ABA Number = 091408598. The company will charge $5 for this bank wire transaction. Your bank may also charge another fee.

  1. Premier Pay

Premier Pay is a payment option wherein you will be automatically withdrawn money from your savings or checking account.

Click here: to enroll for Premier Pay. You can also send a request in writing by filling up the Premier Pay Form in the Forms and Material section in this page:

  • Fax the form to: 1-605-357-3446
  • Or mail it to First Premier Bank Attn: Settlement, PO Box 5514, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5514
  1. Cash Payment

  • To send payment thru Money Gram, use this received code: 6267
  • To send payment thru Western Union, use this code city: PREMIER SD
  • Visit for other locations where you can send cash
  1. Online Payment through

  1. Phone Number for Premier Credit Card Payments

You can use a checking account or a debit card payment via the automated phone service for free. Call Tel: 1-800-987-5521 to process your payment.

  1. US Postal or Express Mail Adress for Payments

  • Send checks or money order thru US Postal Mail to this address:

First Premier Bank
PO Box 5529
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5229

  • For Express Mail, send it to:

First Premier Bank
3821 N. Louise Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57107