Bergner's credit card How TO Login | Pay Your Bills

Bergner’s is a popular name in the industry of department store chains. Their offerings range from midline to high class merchandise items in their biggest shops. Their products are competitive in price range and made up of private brands all fitting to meet the needs of their every customer’s lifestyle. They render customers a highly innovative and fun shopping scenario with the assistance of friendly and hospitable staff. They have a website that reaches conveniently to their customers and serves various markets that are beyond the grasp of their physical stores.

How to Login

The Bergner’s Credit Card can be easily managed when signing up for their online account center in this link: Those who have already enrolled their accounts only need to simply sign in with their username and password:


First time users only need to sign up for them to be able to enjoy the following advantages:

  • Online bills payment
  • Viewing of bills and balance statements
  • Convenient way to update personal account information

They also have a mobile site that allows users to manage their credit card accounts via their mobile site:


You need to input your important credit card and other personal information and follow the rest of the instructions that will complete the registration.

For those who happen to forget their username and passwords, all they need to do is reset it by clicking on the forgot your username and password option. In resetting, you need to enter your username/account number, your choice of identification (social security number, social insurance number, alternate identification), and lastly tour Zip or postal code. Then press Continue.


Pay your bills

They accept various modes of payment for your credit card bills.

Pay your Bergner's Credit Card Bill ONLINE

Just sign-in to your enrolled account here: and click on the bills payment option to start following the steps below:


  1. Log in to your Bergner’s Credit Card online account management system.
  2. Follow the prompted steps upon successful log in.
  3. Choose Bills Payment option.
  4. Make sure to type in the correct amount of payment.
  5. Place in your source of payment, e.g. bank account number.
  6. Send payment.

Bergner's Card PHONE Number for Payments

You can call their credit services at Tel: 1-800-942-0739. They can also assist with any other information you may want to know about credit card billings and payments among many others.

MAIL Adress for Payments

Make sure that you include your credit card account number on the check that you will send via mail. The account number can be found on your billing statement. For your payment to be on time, you need to mail it at last five business days before the due date on your monthly billing.

P.O. Box 659813
San Antonio, TX, 78265-9113

IN-STORE Payments

All Bergner’s in-store locations also accept billing payments. Check out this link: for various store locations.


Always take note of your billing cut-off period or be aware of your billing due date. Make sure to make your payments, whatever is your chosen mode, to be always on time to help your account be in good standing so as to avoid any inconvenience with your future shopping needs.